E-xperience app

How do you put doubts about electric driving to rest? Simple: by giving drivers a virtual electric driving experience while they drive their traditional fuel cars.

When would you need to recharge? Where can you charge nearby? And most of all: how much would you economize? The Audi e-xperience app measures your speed, acceleration and distance and answers those questions adequately.
This app helps you decide objectively whether buying an electric car would be a smart move.

Meet krumb

Scatter Krumbs
wherever you go.

Krumb is a fun piece of geo-fenced content marketing. It lets you share and see what matters most at your favourite locations. A 'krumb' can contain a picture and/or text and can be shared with the world or that one special friend.

It’s the perfect tool to create buzz at a specific spot over a long period of time.

Rubenshuis beacon app

First European Beacon app proves Rubens is still alive.

We created a prototype with Apple iBeacon technology for the Rubens House, Antwerp's n° 1 visitor destination. We brought the paintings of Peter Paul Rubens to life using Estimote beacons in a temporary setup (project concluded now).

Visitors were thus able to use cutting-edge technology to interact with classical art.

MAS museum - city of Antwerp

Don’t want to miss the museum,
but don’t have the get-up-and-go? Wait...

For the opening of the MAS, we wanted to attract visitors from abroad. So we gave people a taste of the museum while sitting at home behind their computers – an entirely virtual but real-life personal guided tour, or as we call it: a 'phygital tour'.

Many thousands came to Antwerp without leaving the comfort of their own homes.


- Knock-knock. Who's there?
- Blockchain.

Nabu is a transparent & continuous open access review platform, rewarding academic expertise. Authentication, reviews and expertise points on the platform are automated by smart contracts and stored on the Blockchain. Nabu is unique because of its decentralised power, open access licensing and its rewards for contributions.

The platform is live and tested with academic research groups in the States.