In between the odd commercial for Q8 by Prophets


Prophets raises the bar for Nafi Thiam


Audi and Prophets invite you for an electric driving e-xperience.

Prophets and Audi are launching Audi e-xperience: a groundbreaking app that shows you how electric driving can impact your mobility based on your trips with your traditional fuel car.  A well-considered premiere with the launch of the first fully electric Audi just around the corner.


Promising incoming transfers at Prophets

Prophets has just announced several new additions to its line-up. This first-rate selection will enable the agency to compete for the top spot in the next few seasons. The aim is also to provide an even better service with a team that is perfectly attuned to each other. So who are the new reinforcements?


Crelan and Prophets are shaping the bank’s new online tools together

The wind of change is blowing through Crelan, so it was high time for a fresh, new website. Crelan’s new website is optimally accessible from any device and allows you, the visitor, to simulate and take out loans online yourself from the comfort of your own home. Crelan and Prophets have joined forces to create the new website, the campaigns and the permanent content marketing.


Prophets and Q8 put you on the right track

Drop by the Panos corner of your local Q8 in the coming weeks and let the trail of crumbs captivate you. With this initial campaign including a radio commercial, Prophets puts Q8 on the map as a handy stop in the everyday rat race. 


Prophets thanks everyone for Crelan

You are not alone in life. There are always friends, family and acquaintances you can rely on. And your Crelan broker is always at your side as well. Because Crelan is a bank of the people. A bank where you walk in and the bank manager knows your name.


Prophets makes objects talk for Orange

What if not just humans could talk to each other but objects as well? That would open up a whole new world. Prophets and Orange Belgium have made it possible. After all, the IoT or Internet of Things is more than just a hype. Prophets tests new IoT solutions in an actual office and has objects communicate with each other on their own social network ‘Thing Talk’, a creative showcase of the myriad possibilities the Orange Mobile IoT network and the Orange Rapid Development Kit have to offer.


Prophets produces roaring electro rock for Audi

GOOSE’s latest track ‘Circles’ features a very special guest: the Audi R8 Coupé V10 plus. The result is a healthy dose of roaring electro rock. GOOSE not only wrote a new song, Wim Reygaert also shot an accompanying video. The performance was recorded directly on vinyl and released as a limited edition. 


Online banking made easier with myCrelan by Prophets

Crelan customers will be doing their banking with myCrelan from now on. This new online banking platform is even user-friendlier than its predecessor. Prophets helped to create the tool and was also responsible for its launch campaign.