Prophets and Audi make CEOs forget about their company

The new Audi A8 is launched with a bold statement by the German luxury brand: ‘Forget about the car. Audi is more.’ Its advanced on-board intelligence and luxurious finish make this car the perfect model for forward-looking CEOs and top managers. Lead agency Prophets cleverly capitalises on this. 


Audi leaves cinemagoers rocking in their seats with its very first 4DX commercial

If you are catching the new Star Wars in the next few days, expect a healthy dose of excitement before the film even starts. Audi Sport is treating Belgian cinemagoers to a spectacular 4DX car ride: a first in Belgium. 



Prophets goes on the air for Bicky Fish

Bicky is presenting the Bicky Fish: a burger filled with a delicious, breaded piece of pollock. Prophets created an equally delicious radio commercial in hilarious Bicky style for the launch of the Bicky Fish. This is the first time Bicky is hitting the radio airwaves. To be continued!


Prophets catches mermaid for Bicky

Bicky is getting ready to introduce an entirely new product and for the launch they are looking for a special kind of ambassador: a mermaid. Unfortunately they’re pretty rare these days. That is why Prophets brought in an Ostend fisherman to oversee the search. The result (3 videos) was posted on Facebook. Apparently there’s no shortage of mermaids in Belgium because applications are pouring in.  



Prophets brings Sam De Win on board as creative director

As of 2 October, Sam De Win is joining Prophets from Make Lemonade as the new creative director. His arrival confirms Prophets’ ambitious plans.


Sodexo strategically chooses Prophets

After organising a strategic and creative market inquiry during the summer months, Sodexo selected Prophets as its new partner agency. Sodexo engages in a wide range of operations in Belgium. They provide well-known benefits & rewards services such as luncheon vouchers and on-site services to many companies. The common thread through all these services is that digitalisation in the broadest sense of the word is making an ever greater difference.


Hot to trot with the summer bot by Prophets and Province of Antwerp

Tripfixer: that´s the name of the new chatbot of the Province of Antwerp, which will take you in tow all summer long, so no chance for boredom. Via Messenger you can even fire off questions to the bot at two in the morning. In exchange you receive tips for trips, events, sports activities, festivals … The production of the bot was a challenge for Prophets, De Vloer assumed responsibility for creation and conversation.


Prophets makes a capital move

Antwerp the city, and everything else a parking lot? The Antwerp agency Prophets sees things differently. At the beginning of September, full of ambition, it is opening a second agency in Brussels, with a view of the VRT tower. Not a satellite office, but a full-fledged agency that will be headed by Amaury Thomas, a seasoned Prophets professional.


Macron and Merkel go viral with Prophets

You undoubtedly noticed that Macron and Merkel were guests last week in De Kempen. And naturally the press didn´t ignore it, either. In the meantime, the funny video that Prophets posted in collaboration with De Vloer on the Facebook page of Toerisme Kempen has been shared more than 5500 times. It was already viewed over 1 million times and elicited more than 27,000 enthusiastic responses, comments and shares. And still counting …


Prophets has again so much to tell about Dag Allemaal

Dag Allemaal’s engaging stories simply blow you away week after week, as shown in two brand new, tongue-in-cheek television adverts.