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A head start in the marketing race.

Prophets is proud to be the lead agency of Audi Belgium.  It’s a thrilling ride. 360° campaigns, CRM, content management, social and digital campaigns are all the results of smart creativity and data-driven insights. International award recognition and the title of ‘advertiser of the year’ crowned our first year of collaboration

Our day-to-day collaboration with Audi is a playground for Prophets’ innovation, constantly inspired by passionate Audi experts.

'Think Possible', do the impossible.

Being of service to Proximus feels like playing in the Premier League of advertising. By joining forces with three other agencies, as one agile SILK-team, we rose to the challenge. An unseen ecosystem experiment on the Belgian market up until now. But together, we've shown the spectators on the sidelines it's possible to score as one – with 'Think Possible' as our joint belief.

Some big changes in the pipeline.

The challenges for fuel producers and distributors are huge thanks to the rise of new energy sources and the increasingly smaller margins on fossil fuels. Diversification is key.

Today, petrol stations have been turned into retail outlets with a different dynamic and business model. Prophets assists Q8 in B2C and B2B marketing, including retail-oriented campaigns, loyalty, new mobile services, an effective CRM strategy and optimization of Q8's International Diesel Service.

Amplifying the voice of Amnesty International

For us, freedom is a given. In other parts of the world, not so much. That’s where Amnesty International comes in: they shed a light on human rights violations all over the world and take actions to right those wrongs. An amazing cause Prophets fully supports by offering creative assistance to their Belgian division. We help them out with key campaigns on topics like Write for Rights, sexual violence or refugees.

In the service of life services.

1 in 4 Belgians use Sodexo services. For B2B and B2C audiences, we help Sodexo to define their customer journeys, content marketing and services. And we’re shaping their web platform.

Prophets assists Sodexo with the connections between businesses, retailers and consumers. And we’re also helping Sodexo with their evolution towards always-on communication: through UX, platform design and development, email activation, DM, search ...

Prophets is Sodexo’s Benefits & Rewards Services' partner and recently realised a social media strategy for On-Site Services.

Tackling fear & prejudice

The Nuclear Forum represents Belgium’s nuclear sector. Its aim is to eradicate irrational prejudices about nuclear technology & energy. Tough gig, right? Success here only comes through providing the right content at the right time & place.

Being part of shaping Belgium's future as a (medical) nuclear technology hub helps us generate tons of energy, and no waste whatsoever.

From positioning to platform.

The banking crisis almost ended when Crelan decided to work with Prophets. Thé ideal moment for a repositioning as 'a bank like a bank should be'. A strong statement for a bank that wanted to sell itself against the established banks.

Next steps? A new, appealing style for the product campaigns and a solid piece of content marketing. Prophets also took a very close look at the online consumer experience. So, we developed a new site and optimized the UX of the banking platforms.

The driving force in the automotive world.

You say auto parts, we say Federal Mogul. Prophets helps this important automotive player with its B2B communication, including extensive product and CRM campaigns that target garages and car dealers and are often undertaken in partnership with NASCAR Europe.

Through pull-and-push campaigns, we put Federal-Mogul Motorparts’ legendary brands in the spotlight. We have created a structural content marketing approach for communication across brands. And, we are working hard on SEO optimization and their social media strategy.

Different steps or ‘parts of a bigger experience’.