Hop on board

Only extraordinary people work here: extraordinarily bright, extraordinarily kind, extraordinarily fast, extraordinarily creative, extraordinarily skilled or extraordinarily weird enough to use the word extraordinarily 7 times in one sentence.

Why you will blossom at Prophets? Find out below.


We love it when
you love it.

If you work at Prophets, you need to be highly talented. So let's develop and grow these talents until they reach blue skies. We give you the opportunity to unleash your creativity and embark on a journey of non-stop learning.


You're allowed to be smart.

We are already full of smarts at Prophets, but we don’t mind smart-asses, we can all still learn and get better at what we do. Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts.


We won’t put you
in a box.

Our playground is huge. There are plenty of MarCom activities for you to get your teeth into. What we do and who we are doesn’t fit into one category, so you shouldn't either. If you see a box, use it for chocolates & share!


Express your love for technology.

We're not just looking for wizzkids. But you will thrive at Prophets if you revel in interactive thinking and coming up with innovative on- and offline answers to questions that our clients haven’t even asked yet.


You can have a life
beside Prophets.

We encourage you to spend your free time doing other stuff. We believe it will make you better at your job. Except maybe line dancing, keep that for our next pitch win party.


Enter a
next level agency.

We are no traditional advertising agency. You won’t even have a traditional fixed desk. We work at two locations: Antwerp & Brussels. But this doesn't mean you have to be omnipresent all the time.

All-round digital designer - Antwerp

We’re looking for an experienced all-round designer, who loves all that is digital. You combine visual inventiveness with an impressive set of technical skills and you may even know a thing or two about print. Naturally you’re also social media-savvy. Because hey, why not do it all? 

Creating brilliant designs for our clients makes you super-duper happy, but you don’t mind the occasional donkey work (because giving less than 100% simply seems impossible to you). 

Does this sound like a challenge that you would love to accept? And do you dream of working for a full service agency in Antwerp with true digital DNA? Give us a shout!

What do we expect from you?

  • You're a mid-weight or senior designer. This means that you've not only got a degree or background in graphic design with experience in digital, but you've already earned your stripes clientside, in an agency or freelance.
  • Skills in print design are much appreciated, which basically means you won't burst into tears if our DTP guy asks you what ICC profile you used when exporting that Audi brochure.
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch and Indesign are your basic tools.
  • You have a natural eye for beautiful colours, great compositions and stunning imagery.
  • You design from scratch and handle deadlines well.
  • You design websites for the web anno 2020, not 2002 – and you know what that means. (hint: it has something to do with the words experience and user)
  • You also know how to create stunning key campaign visuals.
  • On top of that, you’re familiar with the proper proportions for deliverables on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and the likes.
  • Also, you don’t just talk to yourself but also to your team members. And you don’t freeze when someone addresses you in French or English.
  • Any other skills? Great!

What can you expect?

  • Interesting and innovative projects for A-brands
  • Autonomy, personal development, training & education
  • A positive atmosphere, a great team and comfortable offices
  • A workload with respect for your work-life balance
  • A competitive salary and extra benefits