Hop on board

Only extraordinary people work here: extraordinarily bright, extraordinarily kind, extraordinarily fast, extraordinarily creative, extraordinarily skilled or extraordinarily weird enough to use the word extraordinarily 7 times in one sentence.

Why you will blossom at Prophets? Find out below.


We love it when
you love it.

If you work at Prophets, you need to be highly talented. So let's develop and grow these talents until they reach blue skies. We give you the opportunity to unleash your creativity and embark on a journey of non-stop learning.


You're allowed to be smart.

We are already full of smarts at Prophets, but we don’t mind smart-asses, we can all still learn and get better at what we do. Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts.


We won’t put you
in a box.

Our playground is huge. There are plenty of MarCom activities for you to get your teeth into. What we do and who we are doesn’t fit into one category, so you shouldn't either. If you see a box, use it for chocolates & share!


Express your love for technology.

We're not just looking for wizzkids. But you will thrive at Prophets if you revel in interactive thinking and coming up with innovative on- and offline answers to questions that our clients haven’t even asked yet.


You can have a life
beside Prophets.

We encourage you to spend your free time doing other stuff. We believe it will make you better at your job. Except maybe line dancing, keep that for our next pitch win party.


Enter a
next level agency.

We are no traditional advertising agency. You won’t even have a traditional fixed desk. We work at two locations: Antwerp & Brussels. But this doesn't mean you have to be omnipresent all the time.

Content Strategist

Wanted: a specialist content strategy profile who knows how to turn information into stories that stick. Someone with a wide interest field and healthy hunger for information.  

Someone who turns every story upside down, to find the perfect angle before publishing it. Someone who understands that content needs to be an immersive experience. More than words and imagery only. And that close collaboration with peers from the creative department are key to deliver them.

Someone who knows formats, channels, frameworks, … all serve an objective. How can the content you come up with transcend expectations, from planning to reporting?

And lastly, someone who knows how to present with persuasion. Themselves, as well as their work.

What do we expect from you?

  • You have a minimum of 3 years of experience in content creation or editorial teams, with an affinity for marketing & communications strategy.
  • You have a strong affinity with digital in the largest sense and you’re curious about new solutions.
  • You’re convinced that collaboration, discussion and sharing are the keys to success
  • You have a realistic, but optimistic attitude
  • You never take anything for granted and you have a critical, analytical spirit.
  • You have an opinion, but you also really listen to customers and colleagues.
  • You understand the possibilities of technology, while understanding it’s a means to an end.
  • You have an open, lifelong learning attitude

Your job, in brief

Kick-ass content captain
You deliver frameworks for content production that fit our customers’ objectives. Whether they are brand, campaign, always-on or CRM related. You define the editorial pillars to explore, based on relevant insights from the target audiences. And you formulate the content needs in terms of channels, interactions, frequencies, etc …
Workshop wizard
You’ll run – or participate in – workshops, actively contribute in meetings and drive client relationships and projects shoulder to shoulder with our account directors.
Close collaborator
You collaborate closely with the colleagues from the creative department, as well as our team of data analysts and UX strategists.
Eagle eyes
You’ll keep an eye on the evolution of your strategies throughout the flow, all the way up to delivery.

What can you expect?

  • A client list with A-brands.
  • Autonomy, opportunities for personal growth, training & education.
  • A positive atmosphere, a great team and new comfortable offices in Antwerp & Brussels.
  • A workload with respect for your work-life balance.
  • A competitive salary and extra benefits.